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Some Guidelines for Guest-Posting:


Anything to do with veganism (Recipes, Clothing, Lifestyle, Restaurants, Etc) or climate change. If the topic of the article/post is on climate change, it would be preferable if the post had something to do with veganism, but it’s ok if it doesn’t.

Tone – Writing Style

The post you write should be friendly and easy to read, you can look at the other posts on VegTeenLife to get a sense of the writing style and content. But it definitely doesn’t have to be the exact same style as the other posts, just make sure the tone isn’t completely different.

Article Length:

  • Article length Minimum is 500 words preferably 1,500+
  • An article that’s too short, or lacks depth aka a fluff piece, can not be published, I can help to some extent on making it more in-depth. Also when there’s an opportunity to link to a source to back up something you say, definitely do that!
  • I will also help to make it more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly if you don’t have experience with SEO.


Your submission should include at least one image, preferably more. The dimensions should be 885×664 or larger. If you don’t own any relevant photos, use a free photo service like Flickr, Pixabay, or Unsplash to find one, then include a photo attribution. Also please send me the URL where you found the (photo)s. Do NOT send photos that you downloaded without permission from websites like, HappyCow, TripAdvisor, Yelp!


You should include a short bio (2 or 3 sentences) with a link to your personal blog or website and social links to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts if you have them. You should also include a profile picture, or if you’d prefer not to, you can include a logo in place of a profile picture.

Your bio will show up at the bottom of your post and there will be a link to a page like this.

Original Content:

The content you submit must be entirely your own, and must not have been posted anywhere else on the Internet, including your own blog. You can repost it on your own blog 4 weeks after its publication on VegTeenLife, as long as you link back to the original version on VegTeenLife with a Dofollow link and saying something along the lines of “I originally posted [article name] on VegTeenLife here.”

No Adverts

You can’t advertise your product, business, or service within your guest post. Meaning do not mention your company or link to it. The point of guest posting is to show that you are a thought leader. The goal of the article should be to educate the VegTeenLife readers on a topic that helps them and informs them on a subject. If you do want to advertise your product, business, or service you can contact me about advertising (with a guest post or other form of advertising) by contacting me through my email [email protected] or through this contact form.

Affiliate Links:

As long as you do not make it obvious that it’s an affiliate link, you can put up to one affiliate link in a guest post.


I will promote your article to my followers on social media, push notifications, and email list. I ask that you do the same.

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