Today I’m excited to be reviewing Shojin DTLA because it’s one of my favorite restaurants. Hope you enjoy!

What is Shojin

Shojin is a ‘fancy’ vegan restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles, specifically in the Little Tokyo Mall. They are macrobiotic, allergen-friendly, organic, use no table salt (it is not needed ~ all of their food is amazing), and they do not use refined sugar! If you are interested in learning more about them, you can do that here. I also talk about them in this list here.

My Review

I recently went to Shojin!! This is definitely not my first time going. I’ve been eating at Shojin since they opened about 13 years ago! Shojin is a gourmet, all-vegan, Japanese restaurant! My mum and I shared the Sushi Lover #1 Best Box: Shojin Dynamite Roll, Baked Crab Cake Hand Roll, Crunchy Tiger, and the Baked California Roll. We also shared the Make Your Own Sushi Box: Sweet Orange Chicken, Stuffed Shitake Mushroom, and the Shojin Shiso Gyoza!

Suggestions for ordering from Shojin:

Shojin’s menu has changed in response to our current times. They are only offering to-go from a more limited menu than their usual, but the quality, taste, and design of their food is still exceptional.

I suggest ordering the boxes since they make a great deal if you like what is in the box. If you’re ordering for more than one person, I suggest ordering a bunch of dishes and then splitting them with your group.

You can’t really go wrong when picking a dish, but some of my favorites are the Sweet Orange Chicken, Stuffed Shitake Mushroom, and the Shojin Dynamite Roll!  


The food is always art on a plate, even when it’s in a to-go box! So if you’re looking for a more sophisticated vegan dining experience, I highly suggest checking out Shojin DTLA. You’ll be happy you did!

You can look at their menu on their website here, and you can call there downtown location to place an order (213)617-0305

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This was adapted and expanded from an Instagram post I made in September. If you want to see that post, click here!

If you can, please support your local vegan restaurants! If the restaurants we love are going to be there when this is over, we need to support them now, so they make it through!

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