I recently travelled to San Francisco to eat vegan food at some vegan favorites in the area! Here’s what happened. I hope you enjoy!

I recently went on a quick trip up to San Francisco to eat some vegan food.  After many suggestions from people who responded to my Instagram post, I settled on visiting Millennium, Shizen, and Vegan Picnic.

Day One:

My mum and I left late Thursday, and stayed in Bakersfield that night.  We were able to find a Lassen’s in Bakersfield!  Who would’ve thought that there would be a supermarket with vegan, organic options in Bakersfield? Apparently, Lassen’s has been there for a few decades. I had no idea! But on with the adventure!

We left in the afternoon, heading for San Francisco, and arrived in the evening.  After driving at the hotel, we drove across the Bay to Oakland, to have dinner at Millennium, which is probably my favorite upscale restaurant in the San Francisco area.  My mum and I split the Coriander and Arborio Crusted Oyster Mushrooms, and French Onion Soup as appetizers.  I had the Creole Tempeh for dinner.  My mum had the Parsnip Okonomiyaki.  We had the Hazelnut Chocolate Torte for dessert!  It was all delicious!  p.s. even though they’re an upscale restaurant, they actually had a generous amount of food in each dish!

Day Two:

The next day we walked around Hayes Valley, which is a trendy neighborhood in San Francisco.  My mum and I then had ice cream at Salt and Straw. It is one of my favorite ice cream shops, even though they aren’t 100% vegan, because they are very inventive with their vegan flavors.  We went to dinner at Shizen, which is a very trendy vegan sushi restaurant!  My mum and I shared the gyoza, the tempura, the Shizen Shitake, the Prime Suspect, the California roll, the Philadelphia roll, the Shitake Maki roll, and the Proud Peacock roll.  For dessert, we split the mochi donut holes, which were amazing!  I highly recommend everything we had, but whatever you order will be delicious!

Day Three:

The next day, on our way out of San Francisco, we went to a place we found last time we came to San Francisco ~ Vegan Picnic!  It was delicious!  I had the chicken and waffles sandwich, which I highly recommend!  That night, we ate dinner in Atascadero, at Don Q restaurant!  They are not 100% vegan, but they do have a separate vegan section on their menu!  I had the tacos Barcelo which were great!  My mum had something not on the menu (because the dish she was going to get, Bumbu Picadillo, was too spicy, though it tasted really good), which she liked a lot!  It was a soft taco with mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers covered in a garlicky white bean sauce.  They created it on the spot!  I definitely recommend coming here!

Day Four:

The next morning, we went to Bliss Cafe in San Luis Obispo!  The food tasted great!  I had the bbq jackfruit tacos, my mum had the broccoli ginger sesame bowl. I also had a strawberry omega smoothie. All of it tasted amazing!  Definitely a great place to go if you’re in San Luis Obispo, especially because it’s 100% vegan!

Thanks for reading!

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