I’ve lived in LA my whole life, so I’ve been to a lot! of vegan restaurants here in LA. This is my list of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles!

The Ten Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

I’ve lived in Los Angeles my whole life, so I’ve been to a lot! of vegan restaurants here in LA. After all it is my home town! Now that I’m sharing my life as a vegan teen, I’ve decided to make a list of my ten favorite vegan restaurants in LA. I hope you’ll give one or all of them a try! And please share with me your favorite veg restaurants in your home town! Oh and by the way, this is Los Angeles I couldn’t choose just ten so there’s eleven. p.s. this list does not have any particular order. How could I pick a favorite!?!

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1. Shojin – DTLA

Shojin is a gourmet all vegan Japanese restaurant in DTLA. I’ve been going to Shojin since it opened, and I have always loved their food!! I would suggest having a reservation which you can do here: https://www.yelp.com/reservations/shojin-downtown-los-angeles/ and this is their website:

2. Little Pine – Silver Lake

Little pine is a great place for foodies, and it’s an all vegan restaurant in Silver Lake. I have gone to this restaurant several times and the appetizers are great, for a main dish a would suggest the flat bread pizza. Another awesome thing they do is that 100% of their profits go to animal charities. you’ll probably want a reservation for this one to which you can do on https://resy.com/cities/la/little-pine and this is their website: https://www.littlepinerestaurant.com/

3. Crossroads Kitchen – West Hollywood

Crossroads Kitchen is a high end vegan restaurant in West Hollywood. It’s one of my favorite places for special occasions! This is definitely a place I’d suggest wearing fancier clothes to. You can make a reservation here and this is their website: http://crossroadskitchen.com/

4. Wild Living Food – DTLA

Wild living foods is a very creative vegan take on classics. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I’ve tried the “meatball”, and pesto pasta’s. the pasta’s are all made out of sea weed! The other foods are also very creative! All of it tastes amazing! This is more of a casual trendy restaurant. You don’t really need to have a reservation, but their aren’t a ton of seats I was able to get a table easily. Their also 100% organic and most of their food is raw! This is their website: https://www.wildlivingfoods.com/

5. Sun Cafe – Studio City

Sun Cafe is a place i’ve been going to for a long time. All of their food is good! It’s a little bit more high end then wild living food, but still pretty casual. This is their website: http://www.suncafe.com/

6. Hinterhöf Vegan Restaurant – Highland Park

This is a recent one for me, but it’s already a favorite! It’s located in a great area for vegan food ~ just down the street from donut friend! I suggest heading to donut friend for lunch and then Hinterhöf for dinner! I enjoyed all of the food I tried ~ I suggest the Jägerschnitzel and the potato pancakes! You can find out more about this one by checking out my review here. You can check out their website here.

7. O’cado – Sherman Oaks

O’cado is on Ventura Blvd in a trendier area. I like all of the food that I’ve eaten so far! I suggest having the B.T.L.A. and the crispy Brussels sprouts, which are great! You might want a reservation for this one. This is their website: https://www.ocadola.com/

8. Sage – Echo Park, Culver City, Pasadena

I’ve been going to sage and kindcreme which is owned by the same person, for a long time and all of their food is great! They they have a Mexican and American inspired menu. there’s a kindcreme location inside of every sage, by the way kindcreme is a all vegan ice cream place! You’re probably fine for a reservation all of there locations are pretty large. This is their website: https://www.sageveganbistro.com/

9. Ladurée – Beverly Hills

I’m sure you’ve heard of this one, what you might not know is that recently it went 100% vegan at its Beverly Hills location and plans to go 100% vegan at all of its locations! I have gone to their Beverly Hills location once so far and It was really good! Their recipes were veganized by Matthew Kenney who is a vegan chef with a few LA operations including Plant Food + Wine in Venice. I tried the Croque Monsieur and the Club Ladurée as well as a couple of macarons and I highly suggest them! Definitely check this place out! It’s Beverly Hills I don’t think I need to say more about what type of restaurant it is or how fancy you should dress:) Here’s their website: https://www.laduree.us/

10. Follow Your Heart – Canoga Park

Follow your heart is a classic for long time vegans in the area, and I’ve been going for a long time and always liked their food. I would suggest for brunch the buckwheat pancakes, and for dinner the club or ‘meatball’ sandwiches. They also have a great selection of organic and vegan food! This is their website: http://followyourheart.com

11. Doomy’s – Hollywood

If you’re in the mood for some really bad for you comfort food that tastes great this is definitely the place! It’s a fun place to go for sure! here is their website and Facebook page: https://doomiesla.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/doomieshomecookin/

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Most if not all of these restaurants have delivery or takeout, so please support them in these tough times.


The Ten Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

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