So Halloween is right around the corner, and as a vegan teenager, I’ve had a lot of experience not having the easiest time finding vegan Halloween candy, with preferably organic ingredients. This is my list of the best ones I’ve found so far, just in time for Halloween. I hope this helps you and saves you some time while you are looking for some last-minute vegan Halloween candy!

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Northern California-based Sjaaks, founded in 2003, is a vegan chocolate company. They have holiday-themed chocolates, truffles, nuts & chews, nut-butter filled chocolates, vegan versions of popular candy bars, and many more!! All of them taste amazing! You can buy them here.

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Theo is an all-vegan candy company. They have everything from chocolate bars and drinking chocolate to nut butter cups, and even a Peppermint Polly. If you want to buy them you can do so here. If you’re interested in buying them on Amazon you can do so here, or you can buy them on their website here.

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Bixby & Co

Bixby & Co is a woman-owned, made in Maine, gluten-free, and organic chocolate factory with many vegan options, including Bon Bons, Needhams, Bixby Bars, and Bixby Bites. My favorite Bixby Bar/Bite is Nutty for You ~ make sure you check the ingredients of the bars/bites as about half of them are vegan. And keeping it easy, their website has a “Vegan Offerings” tab in their shop. They are one of my favorite candy companies, and I highly suggest them! If you want to buy them on Amazon you can do so here, or you can buy them on their website here.

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Unreal makes tasty peanut butter cups and peanut, or crispy quinoa, dark chocolate gems. Their chocolates are fair trade certified and non-GMO verified with many organic ingredients. Though the cups and coconut bar are certified vegan, they are made in a facility that handles milk, tree nuts, soy, eggs, and wheat. The dark chocolate gems are vegan but may contain milk, peanut, soy, tree nuts, or wheat. If you’re interested in buying them on Amazon you can do so here, or you can buy them on their website here.


Go Max Go

Go Max Go makes a variety of vegan candy bars that are reminiscent of popular candy bars. Go Max Go’s versions of these bars are made without corn syrup, artificial ingredients of any kind (flavors, colors, preservatives, etc.), hydrogenated oils (hence, free of trans fats), or genetically modified ingredients. If you’re interested in buying them on Amazon you can do so here, or you can buy them on Vegan Essentials here.

Dandie's Halloween Marshmallows


Dandie’s isn’t quite a Halloween candy, but they do make really good tasting marshmallows, that are perfect for the cooler fall weather in a hot chocolate. They were founded in 2008, and are vegan and non-GMO! Their flavors are Vanilla, Mini Vanilla, Pumpkin, and Peppermint! You can buy them on Amazon here, or you can buy them on Vegan Essentials here.

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Yum Earth

Yum Earth makes some of the best vegan lollipops, they also make candy corn and gummy worms, all Halloween themed! They are non-GMO, free from most allergens, have no artificial dyes, and almost all of their products are organic!  You can buy them on their website here or in their Amazon store here.

p.s. a couple of their products aren’t vegan, but their vegan lollipops taste great!

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Little Secrets

Little Secrets isn’t 100% percent vegan but they do have a lot of great-tasting vegan candy. Some of their vegan candies including Dark Chocolate Crispy Wafers and Dark Chocolate Pieces (vegan version of M&M’s!). Little Secrets also use Fair Trade Certified chocolate, they do not use artificial flavors nor colors, they use sustainably-sourced palm oil, and they don’t use high-fructose corn syrup! Find them on Amazon here, and on their website here.

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Surf Sweets

Wholesome’s line of gummy products, Surf Sweets, makes all sorts of gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy rings, and jelly beans! They all taste great! Though my favorites are the gummy worms and the gummy bears! If you want to buy Surf Sweets click here! Or you can buy them on Amazon here.

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It hasn’t been easy to find vegan caramels, but as more companies make them, Cocomels stands out. Founded in 2009, they’re organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and Kosher. Cocomels taste great too! Check out their website here, and you can buy them on Amazon here.

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Torie and Howard’s

Honestly, I have not eaten these in a while, but they do taste great! Torie and Howard’s makes Chewie Fruities. They are kind of like Starbursts, and range in flavor from pomegranate and nectarine to lemon and raspberry! You can find them on Amazon here, and on their website here.

p.s. They also have hard candies!

I hope you were able to find some great vegan candies on this list! And if it did help you, share it and comment below with your favorite vegan candy.

p.s. If you liked this list, check out my list of vegan essentials, and my list of the best vegan frozen foods.

p.p.s. By the way, if you click through some of the links on this page (like Amazon), I get a small percentage of the sale, if you buy something. This comes at no extra cost to you! And it will help me pay for things like the domain, web hosting, or food from restaurants to write restaurant reviews. Thanks in advance for clicking through!

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